The top 10 FAQs we get asked when it comes to Connetix Magnetic Tiles!

Aug 10, 2023Andrea Cummerfield

Connetix Magnetic Tiles are one of our top selling ranges and it's easy to see why.  With their gorgeous colours, strong magnets and endless creative possibilities they've become a popular toy in both homes and classrooms. We've just received in this week seven new packs from Connetix which now means there are over 30 packs to choose from which can make choosing which Connetix pack to buy a little overwhelming!  In this blog post, we've answered the top 10 frequently asked questions we get when it comes to Connetix Magnetic Tiles which may help you in your choice of pack if you're considering adding some to your toy collection!

1. What age is Connetix suitable from?

Connetix Magnetic Tiles are suitable for children aged 3 and up. In saying that we've seen many younger siblings join in the fun with supervision.   Toddlers can start off with basic stacking and building and work their way up to building more complex constructions. 

2. What age is Connetix suitable up to?

We have a number of customers with school aged children that enjoy playing with Connetix  - the open-ended nature of this toy makes it suitable for anyone (in fact we know of a few adults that also enjoy playing with Connetix!)

3. Is Connetix worth the investment or could I purchase a cheaper brand?

Connetix is definitely worth the investment, they are made using food grade plastic, all tiles are riveted for extra safety and they are designed using stronger magnets which make it easier for little ones to build with.  A lot of the cheaper brands will have weaker magnets in them, making it harder for structures to stay together.

4. What set is best to start with?

We always recommend kicking off with a tile set, either a starter pack, a creative pack or if budget can allow a Mega pack. If multiple children are going to be playing with it at once we do recommend going for at least the creative or Mega packs so there is plenty of tiles to go around!

5. We've already got a tile pack and want to add to the collection - what do you recommend next?

It depends on what your child loves building, if they love building structures, the base plates or new rectangle packs are great to give a bit more stability to their structures and allow them to build bigger, sturdier ones.  If they're a vehicle enthusiast, you can add on the transport pack or car pack.  Otherwise the ball run is a super popular item to add onto a tile pack.  The great thing about Connetix is all packs are compatible with each other.

6.  Can we just purchase the ball run by itself?

Absolutely but we do find the ball run is better when teamed with a tile set as you can build bigger, more epic ball runs!  We also find if the children are slightly younger the ball runs can be a bit more tricky to put together so sometimes it is best to start with a tile set to get them used to building with Connetix and add on a ball run down the track.

7. What colour range is most popular?

The rainbow is still the most popular colourway, followed by pastel and then clear.  Again if you can't decide between rainbow and pastel you can mix and match taking a set from each colour way!

8. We've brought the tile set, do you have any favourite things to do with them?

The tile packs can make some amazing structures and inside the packs is an inspiration book to get you started. We've also given some ideas here on creative & unique ways to use your tiles which includes puzzles, word learning and more!

9. Are Connetix tiles compatible with other magnetic tile brands?

Yes, they are compatible with some other brands, if you have an existing set of another brand and want to add Connetix on please get in touch and we can advise if they are compatible or not.

10. Are Connetix built to last?

Connetix tiles are riveted for extra safety and to hold the pieces of plastic together.  The inverted design of the tile makes them stronger and more scratch resistant than other brands. Given the nature of how children play with the magnetic tiles, they will never be free from scratches and scratches are inevitable, but the design does help mitigate this!

Hopefully this answers some of your questions that you might also have on Connetix, but if not feel free to get in touch as we're always happy to answer any other questions you might have!

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