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Pretend Play

Watching the worlds our children invent is remarkable – encourage this creativity with our range of pretend play toys. Your child may become a doctor or firefighter, builder or baker, but don’t be surprised if sometimes they just want to become their biggest hero: Mum or Dad.

Having a few different pretend play toys on offer will introduce your children to a variety of make-believe play options. Whether the kids want to play with kitchen sets or role play in a Hape tepee, make a pretend pizza or shoot a rocket into outer space, make it happen with The Toy Box’s range of pretend play toys.

  • Hape Fire Truck-The Toy Box
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    Hape Fire Truck

    Make way, make way! Here comes the fire engine on its way to a blaze! Put up the ladder so the fire fighter and his dog can fight the flames and sa...

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