Some Creative & Unique ways to use your Connetix Magnetic Tiles!

Jul 20, 2023Andrea Cummerfield

Connetix Magnetic Tiles tick all boxes when it comes to endless building possibilities and imaginative play. From building towering castles to intricate structures, children (and adults!) love building with them. But did you know that these magnetic tiles can be used in a myriad of other fun and unexpected ways beyond the conventional building? Below is some of our top suggestions for other creative and unique ways to make the most of your Connetix Magnetic Tiles!


Is there anything more satisfying than knocking something down?  Building a dominoes trail takes time, patience and planning.  Mix it up with colour patterns or by trying to make a triangle knock a square down



Magnetic Surface Scavenger Hunt

What magnetic surfaces can you find in your house?  Your little one can have a lot of fun running around the house finding out what is a magnetic surface and what isn’t by testing the surface with their magnetic tiles.

Compound Words

Using an erasable marker write separate parts of compound words onto the tiles.  Use words like play, ball, house, sea, shell.  See what word combinations your child comes up with, some will make sense, some will not!



Magnetic Tic-Tac-Toe

Transform the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe into a magnetic version! Use two different colored sets of Connetix Magnetic Tiles to mark Xs and Os on a magnetic surface. This game is perfect for travel and keeps the pieces in place or even pop them on your fridge for a quick game whilst in the kitchen!

Create a maze 

Mazes are a great way for your child to learn problem solving skills.  Using a Connetix base plate (or a metal baking sheet) create a colourful maze.  You can shift the walls around again and again to recreate it and also tilt the tray to make a ball roll through. 



Math and Counting Games 

Teach basic math concepts such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication by using the tiles as manipulatives. The tiles are also perfect for helping identify colours & shapes.

Create a puzzle 

Using removable stickers, position them over two or more Connetix tiles, carefully cutting along the join to create puzzle pieces!




Magnetic Chore Chart

Make chores more engaging by creating a magnetic chore chart. Attach magnetic tiles to a board or the refrigerator and write different tasks on them. Let your child move each tile to the "completed" section after finishing a chore, adding a sense of accomplishment to their responsibilities.

Exploring Shapes

Connetix provide the perfect way to explore a range of geometry concepts including shapes.  You can create your shapes in either 2D or 3D if you're wanting a further challenge!



Create an indoor obstacle course

Create an obstacle course by setting up a variety of Connetix obstacles in a track to weave in and out of go around (please note, we do not recommend jumping or standing directly on your Connetix)


Connetix are truely an open ended toy which will provide hours of fun and learning through play!


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