Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dig Game


Race to find all the bones to build your 3D dinosaur! Each player selects a pick colour, which correlates to the colour of their dinosaur. Players take it in turns to hook a dinosaur bone from the 3D board. If the colour on the number matches their pick colour, they can add the piece to their dinosaur body! 

BUT beware, if you hook a T-Rex card, you'll lose a piece of your dinosaur back to the board! 

The winner is the first player to complete their dinosaur.

Players will have lots of fun developing matching and memory skills and encouraging development of dexterity in this exciting 3D prehistoric game! 

  • Age: 4 years+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Contents:  1 two-piece 3D playing board, 2 mole pieces, 4 seven-piece 3D dinosaur, 4 terrible T-Rex cards , 4 pickaxes , 1 instruction leaflet