Navy Baby Playset - Sensory 10 piece


Ignite your child's imagination and nurture their development with our exclusive Heuristic Playset, meticulously designed for children aged 6 months and older. This set isn't just a toy; it's a journey into the world of sensory exploration and cognitive growth, perfectly suited for both cozy indoor play and exciting outdoor adventures.

  • Age: 6 months+
  • Approx product dimensions: 25 x 10 x 7
  • Contents: White Organza Scarf, Wooden Poster, Wooden Figure ,Honey Dipper, Stainless Steel Sphere, Wooden Cloud, Wooden Ring, Wooden Button, Satin Handkerchief, Cotton Doily
  • The hues of these items are chosen at random, adding an element of surprise with each set and ensuring that no two play experiences are the same.