*MIEREDU Growth Puzzle level 1 - Baby Animals (1.5 years+)

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This MierEdu Level 1 Baby Animals puzzle set contains 8 puzzles, 24 pieces in total. The bright wonderful illustrations are designed to capture the attention of first learners. These favourite cute baby and parent animal puzzles are large and sturdy, perfect for little hands to grasp easily. The colourful illustrations are designed to engage little ones in matching, the correct animal and baby. Encourages discussion skills.

The MierEdu Multiple Intelligences Growth Puzzle series are cleverly designed to help engage children as they pass each milestone.

Milestones usually are categorized into five major areas: physical growth, cognitive development, emotional and social development, language development, and sensory and motor development.

  • Age: 1.5 years+
  • Approx Package Dimensions: 24 x 25 x 9cm
  • Set contains 8 puzzles, 24 pieces in total.
  • Packaged within an eco-friendly package, smartly designed to be displayed on the bookshelf if you choose