*Klutz Pop It Challenge Activity Book

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A brain-teaser twist on the sensational pop-it fidget toy! This boredom-busting book of games and activities is embedded with a pop-it fidget toy, also known as endless bubble wrap. Chock-full of games, quizzes, trivia, and more, readers will discover new ways to play with the stress-relieving doo-dad that creates a satisfying pop when you press the bubbles. Activities include tons of trivia sprinkled with humor. (Do you know what a fartlek is? Where is there a neighborhood called Foggy Bottom?) Games for solo readers, pairs, and groups include strategy games, a twist on mancala, categories, and more, plus silly personality questions that offer something for everyone in a travel-friendly package. The pop-it fidget toy became an overnight sensation. But what can one DO with it? This activity book shows you how! Offers a range of complexity, from silly, humorous quizzes to mentally challenging strategy games. Travel-friendly format makes it easy to pop on the go!

  • Age: 6 years and over
  • Approx book dimensions: 23x18 cm
  • Pages: 64