John Deere Monster Treads All-Terrain Tractor

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Introducing the Monster Treads All-Terrain Tractor - a thrilling 25cm powerhouse of adventure designed for limitless indoor and outdoor play. Crafted from robust plastic, this tractor is built to withstand the toughest challenges while delivering non-stop fun. Its standout feature is the innovative 'living hinge' steering design, allowing effortless control with a simple tilt to the left or right. Unleash your imagination and navigate any terrain with ease, as the Monster Treads All-Terrain Tractor takes playtime to a whole new level of excitement.

  • Age 3 years+
  • Product Dimensions: Approx 32 x 21 x 25 cms
  • This 25cm long Monster Treads tractor features durable plastic construction (ideal for indoor or outdoor play)
  • Unique steering feature that incorporates a ‘living hinge’ design.
  • Simply tilt the tractor left or right to steer it.