Honeysticks Bath Crayons (7 pk)


Natural, non-toxic goodness

Honeysticks beeswax crayons and Soy/beeswax bath crayons are handmade from 100% Natural raw ingredients and non-toxic food grade pigments. They contain no paraffin wax, a nasty oil derivative that is used to make traditional cheaper crayons. Our beeswax crayons use the highest % of beeswax of any crayon on the market and our bath crayons are the only bath crayon that is 100% natural using no nasty chemicals to make the wax work with water as is the case with competitor products. 

  • Jumbo 100% natural bath crayon
  • All Natural soy beeswax blend
  • Food grade colourants that will wash off easily
  • 7 vibrant colours: light blue,red, green, orange, pink, yellow, brown
  • Crayon Dimensions: 10cm long, 2cm thick.

Fully Tested Compliant with all relevant Australasian and North American safety standards and using all natural ingredients and no toxic chemicals.