Hape Sea & Rail Cargo Transportation Set

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Discover the wonders of freight trains as you learn to transport cargo from the ships onto the railways on land. Transport the important cargo from ships to trains. You can lift the bridge to let the ships pass and even turn on the lighthouse to send signals out to sea. When the train passes over the special rail, you'll hear exciting sound effects like a train whistle and the crashing ocean waves. This set can also be connected to other Hape railway sets for neverending railway fun!

  • Age: 3 years+
  • Package Dimensions: 40 x 57 x 12cm
  • Contains 40 pieces including six small curved rails, two large curved rails, two six-inch straight rails, five four-inch straight rails, one two-inch straight rail, two Y-rails, one S rail, one ascending track, one soundtrack, one lighthouse, one ship, one crane set, one locomotive, two carriages, four blocks of cargo, one lifting bridge, three bridge piers, two figures and one sign.
  • The crane can be pushed forwards and backward when you turn the knob you can lift cargo and load them onto the train and the ship.
  • When you touch the base of the lighthouse, there is a red light to warn and a white light to give the go-ahead to passing ships.
  • When the train passes over the special track, you'll hear a train whistle and the crashing waves too.
  • When you turn the side knob, you'll tilt the bridge and allow the ship to pass through. Plus there are wheels on the bottom, so you can push the ship along.
  • This set has all sorts of realistic elements to help children to explore the harbour and learn more about the world around them.