Brio World Farm Railway Set


In Brio World there are no borders and no limitations - just endless possibilities. Be whoever you want to be, wherever you want in the BRIO World. Build, rebuild, invent and invite.
Back to nature. This retro design farm railway play-set lets your child lead the life of a successful cattle farmer. After milking the cow old Daisy is put out to pasture. Meanwhile the tractor is taking a large bale of hay to the barn. The barn crane then lifts the hay up into the loft to keep warm and dry.

  • Age: 3 years and up
  • Approx product dimensions: 55 x 52 cms
  • Approx package dimensions: 36 x 27 x 12 cms
  • Contents: track pieces, people figures, Tunnel, 3-pc train, Bench, stoplight and luggage
  • Number of pieces: train engine with cargo car, farm tractor with trailer, double height barn, track crossing, cow, hay and fencing.
  • The cattle train has just arrived ready for it's pick up. Flip down the wagon's ramp and lead the cow into the trailer. Off we go to the cattle market!