Fun Easter activities to do with children (that don't necessarily involve chocolate!)

Mar 23, 2023Andrea Cummerfield

Easter is just around the corner and if your children are like mine, it's always a time of great excitement with Easter gatherings, chocolate and also a few days off work and school to grab some much needed downtime.  If you're after some fun activities to do with children, we've given you some of our favourite activities to do (along with a couple of free downloads).

Jelly Cat bunnies having fun

Easter Egg or Easter Scavenger Hunt: A classic Easter activity is an egg hunt (this is always one of my children's favourites!). When they were younger we just hid the eggs and let them search, but as they got older we created clues for them to follow to find the eggs.   

Easter crafts: from making of Easter cards, decorating Easter baskets, making bunny masks or simply just some colouring of Easter pages, it's a great way to keep little ones amused and get some creativity going!  For some free Easter colouring printable pages, click here and print and colour!

Decorating or making Eggs:  You can either hard boil some eggs and let your children decorate them with paint, stickers or markers, or alternatively grab some play dough and make some colourful non-edible eggs instead!



Easter Movie Marathon: You can have an Easter movie marathon with children by selecting family-friendly Easter-themed movies like "Hop,"  or "Peter Rabbit". You can also include other fun family movies to make it a movie night. 

Easter Themed Games: You can create Easter-themed games such as pin the tail on the bunny, egg relay races or egg-and-spoon races.  The Bunny Hop Relay Race is always fun and easy to play, simply divide the children into teams and have them hop like bunnies to a finish line, then hand over a carrot baton to the next teammate to continue the relay race. The first team to finish the race wins a prize.

Easter Bingo is another favourite and easy game to play and we've given you a printable bingo game, just click here, print and play! 

For slightly older children you can create an  Easter-themed charades game by writing down Easter-related actions and items like "egg hunt," "bunny ears," and "chocolate egg." Children can then act out the words for others to guess.

Easter Baking: Children can help bake Easter-themed treats, such as hot cross buns, Easter cookies, or cupcakes decorated with pastel colors and Easter-themed decorations.

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