SmartMax Basic 42pc set


SmartMax is known for combining the wonders of magnetism and the fascinating world of construction in a way that's safe for young children. SmartMax Basic 42 Piece Set is a part of the SmartMax line of magnetic discovery toys.

The giant parts are an ideal toy for young children. The attraction and repulsion of magnets will amaze them on their exploring journey. Older children will maximize their fun, building towers, bridges and other super-sized constructions.

  • Age: 1 years and up
  • Box Size(cm, H/W/L): 35.1 x 6.1 x 56
  • Contain: 42 pieces
  • Design and colour may vary
  • All parts can be combined with all existing SMARTMAX sets.
  • Together with the bars and metal balls, you can create an endless range of possibilities.