Klutz Lego Chain Reactions


Deep in the Controlled Chaos Department of Klutz Labs, we asked a simple question: What could be more Klutzy than a machine that performs a simple task through an elaborate chain reaction? The answer, of course, is a wacky chain reaction built of LEGO bricks.
step-by-step instructions make it easy to build the Flag-Waving Marble Kicker, the Barbell Spinner and more. Young builders set up these machines in any order they choose to form a custom chain reaction.
With this book in hand and a handful of basic bricks from their LEGO collections, the only other thing that LEGO fans will need is a little imagination.

  • Age 7 years+
  • Includes: 78-page book of instruction and inspiration, 33x LEGO elements, 6x LEGO balls, 2m of string, 8x Paper ramps, 2x Paper pop-up signs, Paper funnel, Paper flag, Paper bucket, Platform