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Hape Stay-put Rattle Set

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How cute are these wee creatures. They will bring many hours of amusement to any young one who loves to get a reaction out of their actions. The Stay-put rattle set will do just that when being batted by young developing hands causing gurgles of laughter.

If your child has just reached the 'throwing age' you're particularly going to like this one. Attach these Sea Animal Rattles to any smooth surface using the strong suction pad and allow your child to rattle and shake to their heart's content.

This is a super popular gift that encourages Cognitive Skills, Problem Solving, Fine Motor Development, Hand and Eye Coordination

Each rattle has a different sound and encourages musical play wherever you are.

  • Contains 3 pieces.
  • Ages: 0 mths+
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7L x 7.9W x 7.8H cm