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Hape Mighty Mountain Mine

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Navigate the rails in  your train from the surface of a mighty mountain and travel deep into the busy operating  mine ! This multi-level play-set is the ultimate wooden-railway experience and includes a waterfall tunnel, an obstacle bridge, a crane, a conveyor belt and a repair station!
From the top of the mountain you can use the crane to load the train with supplies and follow the spiral track lower and lower into the mine. On the way down, pass through the waterfall tunnel.

Remove the tunnel wall and turn it upside down, then you can set the magic liquid inside in motion. Navigate your way past the different hazards and features. Cross the obstacle bridge and the rope bridge. Do not forget to ring the warning bell and pay a visit to the repair station.Use the conveyor belt to transfer ore from the bottom of the mine to the third level. Then load into your train and take it to the surface.

This is a priceless gift that will entertain and provide many quality hours of fun and imaginative play for young and "old" alike!

  • Contains: 32 pieces
  • Ages: 3 years+
  • Product Dimensions: 92L x 66W x 58.5H m