PolyM blocks are produced in Germany since the invention in 1980.

These are high-quality products, which are manufactured with true German precision. They use premium Polyethylene as it does not give off any substances that harm the human body. Polyethene is therefore mainly used in the food industry.

The PolyM Company was founded in 1980 in Ingolstadt (Bavaria). Today more than 300.000 kindergartens worldwide educate our children with Poly-M building bricks.

PolyM blocks are flexible thanks to the use of hygienically approved polyethene, only high-quality construction kits will enter your little darlings' room. PolyM building bricks are not only produced in an ecologically friendly way, but they are made from 100% recyclable plastic - containing neither phthalates nor toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons.

PolyM blocks are washable with 30° Celsius or 86° Fahrenheit. Put your Poly-M blocks in a pillowcase, which will work as a buffer so there would be no damage to your washing machine. We recommend washing your blocks twice a year.