Tiger Tribe Bath Ball - Dunk Time

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Calling all basketball fans! Time for a bath time skills session with Tiger Tribe’s brand new Bath Ball - Dunk Time. Whether you slam dunk or alley-oop, you’ll love this super fun bathtub activity.

Simply attach the hoop to bathroom tiles or glass screen with the suction cup and get shooting.

Kids improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they practice and control their throwing skills. For an extra challenge, practice throwing dry (light) versus wet (heavy) bath balls.

And the best bit for mum and dad? The drawstring net is perfect for storing basketballs to drip dry at bath pack up time.

Age 3+.

Each Bath Ball - Dunk Time contains:
• two mini basketballs (60mm)
• hoop (170mm) with drawstring net
• suction cup