Runna Balance Bike Mini Red

SKU 813013R

Everyone is aware of the huge benefits that balance bikes give our kids - they teach young children to gain balance, maintain control and build confidence quickly. But more importantly, balance bikes remove the need for training wheels allowing your child to progress straight to a two-wheeled pedal bike. Until now these benefits have only been available for children two years and over ‚ but not anymore.

This amazing bike starts off as a three-wheeled trike which will get your 12 to 18-month toddler on to their first set of wheels. When you feel they are ready, easily convert it to a two-wheel balance bike at just the perfect height. From around 2 1/2 years they will progress on to their first pedal bike, completing the evolution from walking to riding. Assembly required. Children should always wear helmets when riding bikes.

  • Available in red, green or natural. Assembly required.
  • BOX DIMENSIONS : 480L x 260W x 160H mm.
  • WEIGHT 2.8kg.

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