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QUUT Beach Set - Triplet Ringo Shaper

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Quut Beach Sand Toy Set - Triplet, Ringo, Magic Shaper & Bag!
Created for endless play possibilities on the sand, the Beach Games Set includes three of the innovative Quut products.
First up, the Triplet can be used as a shovel to dig holes, a water funnel or a rake to make patterns in the sand.
Next is the Ringo, which perfectly pairs with the Triplet for a fun ring toss game but can be used independently for a modern game of boules* that can entertain the whole family.
Lastly, the Magic Shapers do what they say the do, pressing and moulding fun shapes in the sand. Fun fact, they work just as well with snow too. It's a three piece set that will lead to open-ended play over and over again.

What's in the bag?

  • 1 x Quut Ringo
  • 1 x Quut Triplet
  • 1 x Quut Sand Shaper
  • 1 x Quut Netted Storage Bag

All products are BPA, Phthalates, latex free and are of course recyclable. Quut believes that creating
a love affair with your favourite toy, means the toy will last you a lifetime. It may even be passed on to 
the next generation. Durability to the next level!