HAPE Friendship Tower

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Beautifully decorated cardboard boxes are perfect for building and learning. Stack, sort shapes, study the landscapes, or practice counting! When not stacking and counting use the boxes along with Pepe and friends as part of your imaginary play. Maybe create a village, or a castle where Pepe and his friends live.                                                                                                                     
Try stacking the blocks in different orders and see if that affects the puzzles--can you stack the blocks on top of each other from smallest to largest? What will happen if you do? This 9 piece set for toddlers includes 4 wooden animals and 5 blocks made of sturdy cardboard. 

The friendship tower is a wonderfully colourful gift that will result in hours of  play and fun learning.

  • Contains 9 pieces
  • Age 18mths+
  • Package size 5.1 L x 5.1 W x 5.1 H cm