Ebulobo - Large Giraffe

SKU EB80007

WOW! Look how tall I am !

Large giraffe is already and set to go exploring with a jingle bell camera. Giraffe can see over the top of crowds to get the best shot with such long legs, but make sure the crackly feet don't scare the animals away!

Give giraffe a big hug around the neck to hear the squeak, then wrap the long arms around you so giraffe can hold on. Wriggle your new friend to hear the bell jingle and look, can you spot the two wee friends on giraffes arm?.  

Your adventure will only be as big and as exciting as your endless imagination allows it to be.

A great toy to stimulate audio, visual senses, interactive play and imagination.

  • Size: 75cm Tall
  • Material: 10% Cotton 90% Polyester
  • Age: 6M+

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