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The Wooden Toy Box

In April 2019, We had the pleasure to buy what has become an NZ Toy institution. The Wooden Toy Box had been operating for over 11 years specialising in wooden toys, mainly from Hape. They also serviced New Zealand's ECE (Early Childhood Education) community with quality wooden educational toys at wholesale prices. Peter ( the former owner of The Wooden Toy Box ) decided that online was to be the future of retail, which was a big call back in 2007. Well, it turned out he was right and soon after The Wooden Toy Box online toy store was born and it has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Hape certainly gave the business fantastic options when it came to quality toys made from wood, especially in areas of pretend play with Hape Kitchens and train sets.

Hape wooden toys have always been made from quality materials and engineered to perfection such is their German heritage. Another of the favourites over the years has been the Hape dolls houses and range of musical toys

So why change the name? Well, we have a very successful retail store called The Kids' Store,  which also has an online presence. We wanted to have the branding align closely to allow our customers to feel at home in both online experiences. This meant The Wooden Toy Box was a bit of a mouthful, so we shortened it to The Toy Box. Our market has made some great suggestions on what we should stock, and many have been cool toys not necessarily made from wood. Hape also introduced some fantastic new products like Kruselings and PolyM,  which aren't made from wood. So that's how we became The Toy Box.